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SoMetro Radio

Old School R&B with a Nu Skool Twist

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We only play the Divas of Soul Music

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The home of the best soul music from independent and major artists in the UK & Europe

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Yessurr FM

Yessurr FM

Great hip hop 24/7 from Independent & major artist

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Divas On 24

The Divas of Hip Hop music 24/7

AggTown Nation Radio

Food For Thought Radio…Feeding The Hungry Hip Hop Masses

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The GGN iRadio group of stations programs a variety of music. We accept independent and signed artist's music for all of our stations:

SoMetro Radio(soul, R&B, neo-soul, reggae and pop)
Yessurr FM (radio or club edited hip hop and R&B)
Divas On 24 (R&B, soul and classic hip hop from female artists)

For submission follow one or all of our social media sites and then complete the form below. The Prog Director, from one of our stations, will contact you with more information

If you want a video featured here, ask for details in your message

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How it all started

The GGN is the latest in a long line of entrepreneurial successes 

The Get Global Network has established itself as one of the most innovative media businesses on the planet in a little over three years of existence. The GGN was established in 2014 under the original moniker of The Nd Entertainment network, and is the youngest subsidiary of The BlytheWhitaker Media LLC (formally the Blythe Whitaker Entertainment Group), a multi faceted media production business based in Dallas, TX. BW Media that was founded in 2004 by K. Edward Rose (K. Rose). The BlytheWhitaker Media LLC owns and operates very successful and innovative internet radio stations and serves as a talk show / podcast production business today. The BW Media LLC is also connected to Keystroke Concepts, an IT business that develops cell phone apps and websites. 

K. Rose initially entered into the internet radio world to market the artists that he managed from an independent record label called Pimp The Mic Records. K. Rose created Pimp The Mic Radio (PTMR) in 2003 to tell the world about the artists on the label, and it was one of the first all hip-hop internet radio stations in Texas. The station broadcast via the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week hosted by computers at the home office of K. Rose. 

Internet radio in the early 2000's was in its early stages. Stations could only be heard from office or home computers and laptops. The audience was limited but PTMR had a good listener base and was supported by a website (another marketing innovation at the time). As the internet grew and internet radio evolved, K. Rose realized that as technology evolved for personal computers internet radio could possibly become an equalizer in the record business. Internet radio stations would and did play music from major recording artists. Internet radio most importantly was able to play music from independent artists without the "red tape" of regular FM Radio. Get the music to the internet station in the right format and the internet radio station could add it to rotation and air it for promotional purposes.

Apple Computers started the digital music distribution craze with the introduction of iTunes and the iPod in 2001. Consumers were taught that they could listen to music without having a bulky CD or cassette player. Prior to Apple entering the world of music, the MP3 digital format had been introducing independent artists to the world via the MP3 compressed file format that is still one of the standards for music distribution and internet radio today.

K. Rose continued programming and producing internet radio through the 2000's. He produced four shows on the original BlogTalk Radio platform and he realized while producing two of the top 10 BlogTalk Radio music shows (in 2007 - 2009) that true mobility was the future of internet radio. BlogTalk radio had major limitations to how listeners could hear the content. Listeners had to listen from a computer or call into the show and hear the show via phone like being on a conference call. The sound was mono and very hollow. If internet radio was to truly take hold and be a true competitor to FM Radio, listeners had to be able to hear the stations while in their cars or on the go.
K. Rose started to develop and program internet radio that could be heard via the new cell phone technology that allowed internet connectivity. In 2009 he left the BlogTalk show based format and again started a station that could be heard 24 /7 called Fresh n Fly Radio. FnFR could be heard via the internet and Blackberry cell phones ( which at the time was one of the most dominate cell phone platforms on the market). The station programmed major music most of the time, but independent artists were in heavy rotation also. The station was ahead of its time and had a great listener base worldwide, but K. Rose knew that the cell phone internet access technology would be a game changer that was in the beginning stages. He knew that he would be able to achieve his goal to truly compete with FM Radio, but he felt something was still missing. He did not realize it at the time, but in 2008 Apple Commuters had started to market that final piece to his internet radio puzzle, the cell phone app.

Cell phone apps gave smart phone consumers the ability to use the internet on the go and do almost everything that could be accomplished by a personal computer. K. Rose established SoMetro Radio in December of 2010 as a R&B / HipHop station that streamed music 24/7. SoMetro Radio played R&B and classic soul during the day and programmed hip/hop from 8p central time until 6a the following day. He marketed the station via social media and was one of the first Dallas internet stations to be heard on the TuneIn cell phone app. Due to SoMetro Radio's success, in July of 2011 K. Rose established Yessurr FM that programs club edit HipHop 24/7. Yessurr FM is also heard on the TuneIn app as well as approx. 15 other cell phone applications. SoMetro Radio and Yessurr FM has millions of potential listeners around the world via the apps and the internet. Both stations provide live radio broadcast from DFW area venues (another Dallas area HipHop internet radio first that K Rose pioneered starting in 2010).

K. Rose has also worked to establish 6 other internet radio stations and with his help several other individuals have started internet radio stations and he continues to be a mentor to station owners.

K. Rose also leads the The BWE Group marketing team that is responsible for:

• Making @yessurrFM the MOST FOLLOWED RADIO STATION on Twitter in Dallas Fort Worth ( one of the top terrestrial radio markets in the US) with 165,000+ followers

Building the @yessurrfm and @sometroradio Twitter accounts to over 190,000+ followers around the world and counting

• Managing 10+ social media marketing sites generating over 10,000,000+ views since 2013

• Generating a listener base for all stations from over 100+ countries every 30 days

• Airing new independent artists music (sometimes within minutes after it is approved by our listening group)

• Playing independent artists without "payola"

• Promoting independent artists via social media

• Developing and distributing custom cell phone apps with Push Notification

• Maintaining cell phone apps with over 15,000+ global downloads since 2013

• Developing internet websites and marketing campaigns

Contact info Yessurr FM:

• Email:
• Music submission: info@GetGlobal.Network (the main email address for multiple songs in one email)

Contact info SoMetro Radio:
• Email:
• Music submission: info@GetGlobal.Network or (the main email addresses to send multiple songs in one email)

Phone number for drops and to leave a message for all Get Global Network affiliate stations: ‪(469) 454-2127‬